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For the last 20 years I am working as a Production Designer  loving every moment!

Highly skilled and imaginative Production Designer with a proven track record of translating creative visions into compelling visual experiences

I have a BA Industrial Design and Arts.

Over the years I was lucky to design sets for T.V shows, commercials & music videos as well as movie feathers.

I enjoy finding the exact characterization and style for each project, while helping the director to achieve his vision.

I feel very comfortable in studios designing sets from scratch as well as in locations.

Being familiar and experienced with Unreal physical stage designed with cutting-edge virtual sets.

I am Experienced in all process of production design, includes meeting with clients, brain storming, finding creative solutions and new ideas.

Preparing mood boards, 3D illustrations.

As an experienced Production designer I can deliver projects under strict deadlines.


I have a true passion for design



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 TEL     +972.9.7467658

MOBILE +972.54.4438809

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